Exterior Polish & Interior Detailing

When you sign up your car for car detailing services in Dubai,  At Texas pro Dubai, we have an extensive range of car detailing services that are aimed at giving your car a makeover inside out.  Exterior polish and interior detailing are crucial aspects of car maintenance that help preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Interior Detailing

Our team of automobile detailing experts consists of experts who possess proven knowledge and skill regarding how to properly clean the interior surfaces of your car. Our customised automobile detailing services in Dubai are based on the type and materials of your vehicle.  Our auto detailing crew examines the interior of your vehicle to identify the best way to clean the surfaces. We employ modern goods and technology. Our auto detailing crew checks the cleaners’ PH levels to make sure the car is properly cleaned and decontaminated without any damage or abrasion. Improvement detail, Interior Pre-treat, steam cleaning and sanitizing, pet hair and stain removal, odor removal, fabric protection, leather guard and conditioning, flat board cleaning, and germ and bacterial decontamination are some of the services we offer for detailing cars’ interiors.

Exterior Polish:

The most advanced equipment and technology are available to us at Texaspro Dubai so that we can provide top-notch exterior car detailing services. Our auto detailers start by carefully examining the outside of your automobile, paying close attention to the paint job and system. Our experts create an appropriate exterior automobile detailing plan based on the examination, taking into account both your needs and your expectations. Paint decontamination, custom waxes and sealants, wet sanding, headlight restoration, removal of mineral deposits and bugs, surface oxidation, paint correction, glass polishing, rim polish, surface scratch cleanup, engine cleaning and conditioning, and paint thickness inspection are some of the services we offer for exterior car detailing.